Thursday, 29 November 2012

One Direction Picts x

You can save this photo by click right of your mouse, and save image as. enjoy!x

Their Photo at Little Things Movie video x

Photo shoot. ( I forget the name of the magz) 1D with puppy x

Zayn Javadd Malikk *.*

Ziam Moments (Bromance) xx

Today show, Zayn and Niall! Zayn still has the blonde at the picture

Photo shoot again x

Photo shoot for Christmas x

Photo shoot for Christmas xx

Liam at the phone (?) x

Narry (bromance) xx

#facts x

Zarry bromance cartoon version xx

Harry at One Thing Movie Video x

Niam Bromance cartoon version xx

Narry bromance again xx (cartoon version)

Zayn sleep at Niall' shoulder. cartoon and original version x

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